The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. – Emile Zolajsmbanner2

Cartoons | Illustrations | Storyboards | Goodnight Burbank

James McLean has been an artist and illustrator for magazines, books, television, newspapers, video games and multimedia. He has supplied artwork for The Times, BBC, Butlins,Channel 4, Lucasfilm and Disney. He was the designer of the “Ludo the Dino” mascot for the recent Butlins advertising campaign and storyboarder for Doctor Who‘s Return to Earth video game. He was a graphic designer for the Goodnight Burbank television series and series illustrator for Checking Into History. James has been an ongoing regular artist for Financial World and a regular freelancer in video games producing pre-production and in-game material.

Working primarily in pen and ink, and employing digital colouring when requested, James’ work remains flexible to client requirements and competitively priced.

Daredevil Development (Video Games), Financial World Magazine, Asylum Entertainment (for the BBC, Disney and Lucasfilm), Epoch Films (for Butlins), Evil Global Corp (US), Sabian Cymbals (US), Maximum Entertainment, Kingfisher Publications, The Times, Equinox Television, Afterglow Television (for Channel 4), Rubicon (video Games), Central Illustration Agency.


James @ Facebook
James @ Twitter

Contact James on 07956363927 (UK)
+447956363927 (overseas)


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